One that serves as the subject for an artist, especially a person employed to pose for a painter, sculptor, or photographer. A person employed to display merchandise, such as clothing or cosmetics.

If you have an interest in becoming a model such as the models pictured below, then take a moment to continue reading to learn more about modeling and the opportunities that it can offer you.

Modeling Photography Modeling Photography
Modeling Photography Modeling Photography
Modeling Photography Modeling Photography
Modeling Photography Modeling Photography

So, you want to be a model?
Modeling is fun, educational, exciting and rewarding. Being a model can often act as a "springboard" to other career opportunities. As a model you will travel and meet exciting people. You will gain self-confidence and poise. But being a model isn't all "Glitz and Glamour" - it's HARD work.

"Everyone knows that you have to work very hard at getting the chance to be seen or interviewed in this business, but I don't believe enough advice is given to potential models who finally get their chance and what they should do with such a huge opportunity. Lots of girls I see trying hard to get in the business seem to take a big sigh and relax once they get their first call. Little do they know its only the beginning and therefore should be very prepared physically and mentally for the type of arduous days models go through. A lack of preparation both mentally and physically can really work against you late in the day when art directors and photographers have deadlines to meet and are making you do incredible amounts of work in a very short period of time. The consequences of a lack of preparation may be a negative rumor or statement that gets back to your agent, which causes them to think twice about giving that type of assignment to you ever again, or simply getting someone else to do a job you were a perfect candidate for."

I have taken the opportunity to answer most of the common questions you may have about becoming a model. Hopefully after reading the questions and my answers, you will have a good understanding of what it takes to be a model and what is required of you as a model. The answers are not meant to be representative of the whole industry, but rather, they are representative of Jax Digital Photographer.

Click on the link below (Modeling Q&A) to continue to learn more about a wonderful career as a model.

Modeling Q&A

Modeling Photography Modeling Photography
Modeling Photography Modeling Photography
Modeling Photography Modeling Photography
Modeling Photography Modeling Photography

"A large part of being photogenic is to love to be in front of a camera. To be a successful model you have to be a bit of an exhibitionist and enjoy having your picture taken. "The best models are the ones that really like the job and want to take part in the process," says photographer Dean Thunderwall who works for magazines like Arena, Mixte Mode, and Italian Glamour. "Some models really work with you on the picture, they come to the shoot prepared, they look up references beforehand and have suggestions and ideas. It's more fun to work with someone who doesn't look at the polaroids to check if she looks good, but does it to see the whole picture and try to make the story work." Like with anything else, it's important to find your own niche and know what you're good at. "Many models have found a certain "character" that works for them. Some are really good at looking pissed off, some are really good at being sexy, like Frankie Raider, and some just look really cool, like Kirsten Owen," says Thunderwall. The girls who know how to perform well in front of the camera are also the ones that are most likely to make a successful crossover into acting. Milla Jovovich is a good example of a model who has managed to bring her talent for expressing herself on photographs onto the big screen. She once confided to us that she always tries to "be as real as I possibly can." Perhaps that is the secret.

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